Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm really trying to continue this trend and just share some random things. I'm contemplating a fairly personal post that I'll make fairly open-ended...soon! It will be accompanied by a little piece of artwork that I started a couple weeks ago for some fun, and it brought back a lot of unpleasant memories as I drew it.
But, this is now! And, I don't really have that much interesting things to show. Work has been killer the last week or so, but tomorrow is Friday...yay! I've just been soooooo tired this whole week, and there were a lot of unexpected things that emerged from this week. uuuuuuggghhh! but this pretty much sums up how I feel about this week:
yea, I have a natural-born talent for vomiting out psychadelic clouds surfed by a unicorn. Go me!

But in the non-stopness of this week, last week I finally managed to get a cork-board mounted that I had purchased a year ago! I wanted to pin sketches/ideas that have strong potential of being finished up near my workspace. Or else they get folded or stashed in a pile and forgotten about. I always have to go through my piles of looseleaf papers and rediscover my ideas...and sometimes it's just frustrating to constantly forget what I should be working on! So check it out!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Long time no see

Hey all!
Well, in my attempt to better maintain my webspace, here is a post! I must confess, the main reason why I've been so inactive is, well, I don't think about my presence on the social network. When I come home, I don't sit down and surf the web for hours. I'm not involved and I'm not active in that sort of thing. So, naturally, I forget to update these things. I'm going to try to maintain a set schedule of updating something at least once a week, and see how that goes and how involved I'll get.
Sadly, I also think to myself "oh why bother, who's going to see it anyway?" Which is totally the wrong mindset. So I'm thinking that, if I don't keep a journal to update everybody else on my happenings, well, maybe I should keep a journal for myself so I can see for myself what's happening in my life. And I think it will be fun, to scroll back every now and then and remember/realize how things have changed for me. How far I've come in life, how much I've grown. To see the things that I remember being a huge deal for me that were in reality, quite small and irrelevant. It's always fun to look back and reflect. And that's what I want this journal to be--pure reflection.
So, to kickstart this blog, you'll find above some random photographs and doodles that I've produced in the past couple of months. I'm hoping to fill this blog with collages like this, but mostly with random photographs from my life that won't be uploaded onto my website. So be prepared to see lots of random pictures of random spaces, random toys, random 3D projects, and pictures of my animals.