Friday, October 29, 2010


well, it took a while, but i finally found a job!...actually, to be precise, a couple!

about a week ago i interviewed with a small, but very well-established company, and they asked me to come on board as a freelance graphic designer! i accepted that position, and yesterday, as a matter of fact, the lady who owns the business has a son who's a CCAD alum actually called me yesterday to tell me that he wants to send me some of his projects for me to work on (separately from what I'm doing for his mom's business)!!!!!!!

and then last friday i actually had an interview at Jo-Ann Fabrics for a position in their custom framing department!!!!! i was soo excited about that job because it would be a steady/weekly paycheck and it wouldn't exactly be a "retail" job where i'd get stuck stacking shelves full of inventory. and plus, Jo-Ann is like a candy store to me, so if i could get a job their maybe i could get some nice employee discounts and such!!!! so this morning i called the lady who i interviewed with and she offered me the job!!!! yay!!!!

so, it's basically nothing grand...but oh my gosh it's something to help pay the bills and get that scary student loan outta my way!

but all this time i haven't been sitting on my butt twiddling my thumbs...i have been doing a lot of art. none of my crazy paper illustrations, but i've been spending a lot...and i mean A LOT of time in my sketchbook. i've also been watching my boyfriend play the new castlevania game, Lords of Shadow...and ohmaigoodness that game is soooooo gorgeous!!! the environments are soo amazing and compelling! and that's actually inspired me to work on my concept environment skills. it's nothing i've been too strong in...but i haven't really tried.

but ohohohohohohohoh my goodness i'm soo realieved right now it's crazy!

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