Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walking Steady on my Own Two Feet

Hey guys!

I am excited, pleased, and proud to finally be able to present you with this, my collection of sketches, Walking Steady on my Own Two Feet.

My only regret about this collection, is that I meant to have this up about 2 weeks ago, but I got sick, and that put me behind schedule for a week, and then...oh who knows.

I've provided only a few entries from my 100pg sketchbook on here, and bigger, and different selection on my website here. It was all so massive, I had to select a few to highlight here. Believe me, it was hard widdling down to these few for this blog. But you guys, you're also getting my statement about my sketchbook.

Walking Steady on my Own Two Feet

This is a collection of a series of sketches & drawings from roughly May 2010 until around September 2012. It's pages contain scribbles that range from original concept ideas, to fanarts of characters that I adore, to characters that belong to those close to me, and my own works.

This is a visual documentation during a big transition of my life. This sketchbook catalogs the events in my life, starting from the end of my senior year at CCAD, to being a full-time working girl, and all of the struggles inbetween. There are heartaches. There are headaches. But there are also triumphs.

These pages are filled with memories, good and bad. It holds my personal words, musings, and my meditations.

Someday I'll look back on this sketchbook, this post, and all of my journal entries within my sketchbook, and I'm sure I'll laugh at myself. I'm sure I'll laugh, and say something along the lines of "Oh how silly, small, and irrelevant this all is. If this was all I had to worry about, then shit, I had life pretty good huh?"

And now. I am proud to present you, with all of my love, my cherished artwork.




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