Wednesday, September 24, 2014

very blessed

Every once-in-a-while, I have this strong urge to hop on my facebook and, just like every other human out there, bitch about my problems or hint at my frustrations towards things or people without being too completely obvious. Sitting back and looking at everyone else who does just that, it becomes clear that there are two options when it comes to posting things: doing something or not doing something. A lot of what I see, and this is so common that I'm sure everyone can relate (I assure I'm no wiser than anyone else out there) is getting online and bitching. It is without a doubt a hell of a whole lot easier than taking that negativity and frustration and turning it into something positive. I get annoyed from logging onto fb and seeing all negativity, and surely, I don't need to be adding to the pool on this one.

I'm not trying to get on my soap box over here by trying to say how perfect I am by not bitching. I honestly feel I've been doing much more bitching lately than creating. But I will get on here and say that I am blessed.

I am truly blessed.

I am very blessed, to have every single little thing that I have. Even my problems. My blessing make my problems seems so small and irrelevant, especially when I sit back and really see what I've got going on.

These past couple nights, all my blessing have been so clear to me. Last week was a long and crazy one at work, and it killed me having to stay 8 1/2+ hrs every night (with the exception of Friday, woo!) when the days were so gorgeous and lovely. I had only one opportunity last week to ride my horsey. That lone opportunity, was like, such an eye-opener for me. I had gotten home late, and just as dusk was starting to set in, decided to hop on my girl for an evening ride. I can't begin to even explain how my horse has been this amazing source of therapy for me. When I'm on her I have to drop everything: all of my doubts, worries, exhaustion -- anything, you name it. When I'm on her it's just us and the open air. My mind is clear, and whatever annoyances and frustrations I had during the day, completely gone and obliterated. I don't know where I would be without her. By the time I come in for the evening, everything is so far behind me it's not even worth giving it a second more of my time. I think I would be a very paranoid and bitter person for sure.

Now lets not forget there are other awesome factors in my life besides my horsey. My friends and family...such a great support circle.

But I'm just saying, that I am truly blessed. If you were to take one piece of advice from me from this post, it would be this: get on a horse and ride.

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