Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back up on this Horse


I just read through some of my old posts, some were drafts that never got published, and some did get published (guess that wouldn't make them drafts, eh?). I can't even recall when the last time I posted on here was; it has truly been forever. I was proud of myself for keeping things like my tumblr and my L.L.C.'s facebook updated with artwork for a while, and then July 2015 hit, and it has been crazy, and when you're a person who already feels like they have little time and then you try to add an extra event into your schedule that already feels like a chore to you (when you'd rather be creating art than just posting it) but you try to keep up with it for the sake of keeping up with it (in this case, my online presence), it doesn't just become a chore, it becomes an arduous task. Whoops did I just say that about my social sites? Why yes, yes I did.

So what happened for the rest of 2015?

It was strange.

For starters, at the end of August I managed to fall off my horse in the exact way that I landed with multiple fractures in my pelvis. Yup! 2, to be exact.

That pretty much put my life on hold for a good 6 weeks with recovery time and other mental hurdles from my injury, and the biggest art rut that I've experienced in ages because of my temporary lifestyle change. Thankfully despite my fractures, I didn't have to have surgery. I was told that between the fact that I'm young, and that the fractures were in non-weight bearing parts of my pelvis, that I would heal just fine over time. Thankfully they were right! I'm now all healed up, with some mild stiffness here-and-there.

One factor that made this injury more interesting was I had plans to go to Hawaii since June, and by the point in time of the injury, just nearly over 6 weeks prior to leaving for that trip. I don't know how many of you had ever broken a bone or been around someone who has broken a bone, but this was my first time of ever breaking one. 27 years and a perfect non-breaking bone record (go big or go home, in my case), so not knowing what the healing time was, being told 8-10 weeks was a bit of a shock. I mean, I get it, it's a bone...they're not supposed to break, especially not the pelvis, at least not easily. Thankfully after 3 weeks despite my fractures not being fully healed, my doctor cleared me to resume my daily life -- no limitations! So I was good-to-go for Hawaii!

When I had returned home from Hawaii, my body and my mind were finally clear enough to tolerate making art in my studio, and I've been picking myself up bit-by-bit and rebuilding myself for newer opportunities, and harder challenges.

so there you have it, in a nutshell: busy summer, broken pelvis, Hawaii, and new challenges + typical winter hibernation.

So now I'm crazy busy, working on a graphic novel through a publisher, yes a publisher. Taking on commissions, getting some long-term freelance gigs, maintaining my full-time job, and hitting the road on the weekends for shows to sell prints. woo!

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